Smart logging application for curious people

Logster is a unique app which allows you to log, track and analyze any measurement you wish with your iPhone or iPod touch. There is no one specific target group – the application is generic and can be used by everyone!

Here are some areas where this app can be useful for you:

  • Health care: log and track body weight, body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, any other characteristics
  • Household: log and track humidity, air temperature, air pressure, time
  • School and science: log and track numbers, angels, cloudiness, cardinal point
  • Industry and production: log and track size, pressure, percentage
  • Business and expenses: log and track money, time

The usage is so simple and done in only 3 steps:

  1. Define what you want to measure
  2. Log measurements
  3. Analyse data

Logster will keep your measurements organised, prepare graphics and statistics for you. You can export-import them and share via e-mail.

We hope you will enjoy using our application! Please post your questions and comments using this form.

Define measurements sequence

Logster sequence is a named set of measurements. Each measurement contains values of the measureable values (for example: temperature, humidity).

Logster is able to maintain unlimited number of sequences.

Use main window to create a new sequence:

Define sequence name and a photo.

Define set of measureable values inside the sequency which will be used in each measurement:

Logster has a rich set of unique controls which allow you to input your measurements in easy and fun way.

Log measurements

Open sequence by selecting it in the main screen and add values for all measured values:

Every time when new measurement is added, it uses values of previous measurement as defaults, so you can only modify changed ones.

Analyse data

When you have collected a certain amout of data, you can check the graphs and statistics, send measurements as e-mail, import/export via e-mail: